Thinkers Donate Blood to Save Lives – Every drop counts!

The world is facing one of the most severe blood shortages in recent decades due to COVID-19 and help is needed from blood donors around the globe. In TDG we aspire to leave a positive footprint on the world and behave as “Positive Bigfoots”, as we name ourselves, by helping people around us.      

To support the Greek blood transfusion units, we have registered our own official donor club with the National Blood Donor Registry. Every Thinker is now able to donate blood at any hospital of the National Health Service.      

Our first action took place between July 21st and July 29th 2021 in Athens and Patras, as part of a series of events on awareness around blood donation.     

There will always be a constant need for blood, so in TDG we stand up to increase our Positive Footprint and replenish the current blood supply.      

Our entire team wants to thank all the Thinkers who participated and keep us inspired to continue giving as much as we can. 

Every drop counts!