The Future is Here!

TDG kicked-off 2022 with its annual strategy event  

From February 21 to 24, more than 230 employees from TDG and portfolio companies in 6 time zones came together to participate in our group’s annual strategy event for 2022. 

The event’s underlying theme was the forward-looking open-ended phrase: “Dear Future…”. A more human future which we are shaping and building together. It is inspired by the numerous possibilities that we can create and capture driven by the ingenuity and motivation of our teams. 

TDG’s Strategy Event was a unique chance to glimpse the future through educational workshops, visionary talks, fireside chats with experts, collaborative and team-building fun activities. 

According to Odysseas Ntotsikas, TDG’s Founder and CEO: “The energy and positive vibes created when thinkers come together still amazes me. After 15 years the collective power to think, design and build our dear future in Marketing & Commerce keeps motivating us”. 

During the event, our teams had the opportunity to hear esteemed industry experts and partners discuss key trends shaping 2022 and beyond and how brands, retailers and advertisers prepare for the future of marketing and commerce. We would like to thank in particular for their participation and the insights they shared with us Yiannis Antoniou (Digital Manager at L’oreal), Apostolos Apostolakis (Co-Founder at VentureFriends), Tony Bourached (Chief Executive Officer at Mindshare MENA), Anne Claire Chenu (Commercial Director Tech Sales at Xandr), Anna Dima (Marketing Manager at Vechro), Nasos Efstathiadis (Deputy General Manager, Mindshare Greece), Jennifer Garner (Chief of Staff at CitrusAd), Panagiotis Gezerlis (Founder and CEO at Convert Group), Maria Kazana (Marketing Manager at Thermoplastiki SA), George Kiliaris, (CTO at Protothema), Aviva Schick (EMEA Channel Director at Taboola), Dan Shering (VP Sales EMEA at Skai), Andreas Staios (Chairman at IAB Hellas) and Andrei Ursuleanu (Head of Sales at Ringer Romania). 

Gerd Leonhard, a futurist and humanist, closed the event with his own positive version of a “Good Future”, with enormous opportunities but also new challenges that we should anticipate and learn how to navigate. 


Odysseas Ntotsikas
Odysseas Ntotsikas, TDG’s Founder and CEO, at the Opening Keynote


Eva Christopoulou
Eva Christopoulou, TailWind’s Managing Director


Yiannis Gkekas
Yiannis Gkekas, ForestView’s Chief Operating Officer


Nikos Komninos
Nikos Komninos, Project Agora’s Managing Director


Alex Karageorgis
Alex Karageorgis, Project Agora’s Chief Executive Officer