TDG in our “New Frontiers” annual kick-off event

The group presented its strategy plan at the annual kick-off event

This year’s annual ThinkDigital Group (TDG) strategic kick-off event was held in the city of Nafplion in Greece, under the overarching theme “New Frontiers”. The theme showcases TDG’s continuing mission for innovation at the intersection of Marketing and Commerce, as well as for investment in employees’ continuing professional development.

More than 160 professionals of the 4 TDG companies (Project Agora, TailWind, Forestview and ThinkDigital) participated in the kick-off event. Coming from 11 different offices spanning from Copenhagen to Dubai, actively represented TDG’s cultural diversity.

According to Odysseas Ntotsikas, TDG’s Managing Director, who opened the event presenting 2019’s annual review and 2020’s strategic goals: “2019 was a defining year for the group’s geographical and product development at the intersection of Marketing and Commerce. To strengthen TDG’s mission, the Group’s recently adopted fast-growing model will combine organic growth of TDG companies with investment in third-party companies and talent acquisition. We entered the new decade with enthusiasm and dedication to exploring new market trends and interpreting them, always to the benefit of consumers and local players.” 

TDG companies’ Managing Directors also presented their 2019 reviews and 2020 plans. Employees had the opportunity to participate in sessions elaborating on the companies’ strategic plans and goals, as well as in interactive workshops to develop their skills and collaborative spirit.