TailWind – GWI announce exclusive partnership

TailWind EMEA, a TDG company & GlobalWebIndex have announced their exclusive reselling partnership in Southeastern Europe, Middle East & North Africa, combining Tailwind’s service excellence and in-depth knowledge of the local markets with GlobalWebIndex’s world- class audience research capabilities.

With meaningful consumer insights playing an increasingly critical role in today’s business decisions, marketing leaders recognize the need for access to the most accurate, insightful and up-to-date data to form their strategies and ensure they remain competitive. The Tailwind EMEA – GlobalWebIndex (GWI) partnership brings together deep understanding of local markets and business KPIs driving businesses forward and rich, consumer data from the largest syndicated survey running 46 markets to empower CMOs understand their target audiences and make data-backed up decisions.

At the core of the solutions for marketers are: Audience Profiling & Segmentation, Media Planning & Buying, Brand Tracking, Audience Validation, Insights & Trends Analysis, Market & Verticals deep-downs and Flexible & Powerful Custom Research.

“Bringing TailWind EMEA on board is an instrumental step in allowing GlobalWebIndex to continue making strides in market expansion”, says Tom Smith, Founder and CEO of GlobalWebIndex. “We believe in the value of harnessing a deep understanding of niche audiences anywhere in the world to inform targeted campaigns, and our partners enable our clients to do this with local access and expertise.”

Eva Christopoulou, Managing Director of TailWind EMEA said: GlobalWebIndex has a technology-first approach and the freshest data from quarterly surveys running in 46 markets; managing to deliver not just deep, unified data, but powerful and actionable insights in an intuitive, simple way for their users! We are excited to be delivering this unique offering to local marketers and enable them to demystify their target audiences, spot the trends early on and inform the decision to help them grow their business.”