Masterclass on Mastering the Digital Shelf from TDG

On Tuesday, September 21, in collaboration with Boussias publications, we will be hosting a specialized online masterclass on “Mastering the Digital Shelf” at the Greek retail conference Shop X. Invited speakers, including industry professionals from brands and retailers, will be focusing on Consumer-Packaged Products (CPG) and Consumer Health Products.

Building knowledge and best practices

The masterclass’s aim is to build and communicate knowledge and best practices around the retail industry. This aim was developed by:

  • the drastic changes during the last 18 months in Greeks’ consumer behavior and the central role the digital shelf has now started playing in the retail industry
  • the development of multiple new digital channels which were created as a result of these changes

“As a group of companies that has always been investing and has been actively involved in new trends, we decided that there is no better timing to share concerns, knowledge and experience around this topic and make a first evaluation”, shared our founder and CEO Odysseas Ntotsikas.

A Masterclass for professionals in FMCG and e-Health & Beauty

Within the last two years, online supermarket purchases have increased 5 times in value, with the majority of consumers being new. This is just an example of the growth online retail shops and digital shelves in FMCG and e-Health & Beauty have been experiencing.

As expected, these new trends have changed the priorities in businesses, arising the need for new internal structures, practices and partnership models.

What will participants gain from this masterclass?

This 2-hour masterclass has three key learning points:

  1. Understanding the context of change and capturing its size in real numbers: The presentation from the global research company, GWI, will help in this direction by focusing on the changes in Greeks’ consumer behavior and attitude towards online shopping. This will be accompanied by Convert Group’s presentation on actual size recording and analysis of online baskets.
  2. The ability to compile a coherent e-commerce strategy framework: Using case studies, ForestView will share insights on how to manage multi-channel e-commerce strategies along with internal & external resources in order to succeed. The presentation will also include brand and retailer success stories on digital shelves through Project Agora’s specialized e-retail media service.
  3. Understanding opportunities & challenges: During the closing panel discussion, industry experts from brands, such as AB Vassilopoulos, L’Oréal, Johnson & Johnson & Hondos Center, will help participants understand the opportunities and challenges companies face while striving for a successful presence on the digital shelf, and discover up-to-date best practices.


Discover more details and the full agenda of “Mastering the Digital Shelf” on the ShopX conference site.