Discovery Mode is ON for TDG in 2021

The group kicked-off the year digitally with a four-day event themed around “Discovery”

TDG, and its portfolio of companies kicked off 2021 in sci-fi style with a digital four-day event, between February 22 to 25, bringing together more than 185 employees of the four TDG companies (Project Agora, TailWind, ForestView and ThinkDigital) in 10 countries. 

The overarching theme of this year’s Strategy Digi-site was “DISCOVERY, reflecting upon the exploratory and open mindset that is required today to successfully navigate an uncharted personal and business environment. The agenda included four fertile days of keynote talks, presentations, workshops, team games and stand-up comedy. 

According to Odysseas Ntotsikas, TDG’s Founder and CEO, Covid-19 has acted as the catalyst that made a number of pre-existing trends leapfrog years of development in months. The beginning of this new decade finds us in the best shape to discover the answers to the mission critical new questions raised. TDG companies are investing to grow to 250 digital thinking professionals this year to serve a diverse set of 3.000 clients in Europe, Middle East and Latin America. This is coupled with the accelerated investment in our companies’ proprietary technology and the significant enhancement of our e-Commerce & Data Insights capabilities. All this, while discovering new ways to enable creativity and meaningful flow of ideas in a Work from Anywhere environment. Discovery mode is definitely ON”. 

TDG companies’ Managing Directors, presented their company’s strategic initiatives to deliver measurable business value to their clients and help them discover the paths to sustainable growth in full alignment with the group’s mission to “Open up rich new worlds at the intersection of Marketing & Commerce”.

TDG Strategy Event 2021 - Odysseas Ntotsikas
Odysseas Ntotsikas, TDG’s Founder and CEO, at the Opening Keynote


TDG Strategy Event 2021 - Alex Karageorgis
Alex Karageorgis, TDG’s COO and Project Agora’s Managing Director


TDG Strategy Event 2021 - Eva Christopoulou
Eva Christopoulou, TailWind’s Managing Director


TDG Strategy Event 2021 - Kostas Kampakis
Kostas Kampakis, ForestView’s Managing Director