A Hot Cup session on “Women in Technology”

Female Thinkers and guest baristas discuss ways to build a winning culture by taking out gender barriers

Have you ever faced gender bias in the workplace? How did you react? What does it mean to enfold diversity and inclusion? How can it lead a company to success? 

Spring, in addition to the mood uplift, brought together our teams from around the world for the first “Hot Cup” session of 2022 with a discussion on Women in Technology. “Hot Cup” is an essential part of TDG’s culture, delivered on the importance of being together and getting inspired by thought-provoking guests called “Baristas”. 

On Thursday 14th of April 2022 our guest Baristas, Thomai Gklarou-Stavropoulou (Head of Industry, Travel & Technology at Google) and Sophie Toth (Co-founder at The Women in Programmatic Network) presented their professional and personal experiences and the challenges they have faced as women in a male-dominated working environment. 

The discussion was enriched by women Thinkers from TDG companies, Stavrina Karanasiou, Customer Success Manager at TailWind, Eliza Papadopoulou, Senior Software Engineer at Project Agora and Georgia Mandalaki, Head of Media Activation at ForestView, who brought their own personal stories and suggestions on how we can jointly work to grow and cultivate an inclusive workplace. The “Hot Cup” was moderated by Elena Tsiknakou, Global Sales Director of Project Agora.  

At TDG, we value meritocracy as the best-known way to achieve success for our key stakeholders and we believe that every Thinker should be given equal opportunities and support to contribute to this success. Women make 48% of employees working in TDG companies. This year 45% of the internal thinkers promoted were women. Through this special “Hot Cup”, TDG kicked off a wider initiative to get a deeper understanding of how we can all create and maintain the best working environment that can provide equal opportunities for success to all.