TDG supports Robots@UP at the MRC Robotics Olympiad 2024

ThinkDigital Group is pleased to announce its steadfast support for the MRC Robotics Olympiad 2024, a global showcase of cutting-edge robotics innovation and talent. Held in Heraklion, Crete, this prestigious event brought together 36 countries and thousands of participants, captivating audiences with the latest advancements in robotics technology. 

The Olympiad saw over 3500 competitors from around the world, representing esteemed institutions and educational powerhouses such as South Korea, China, Romania, Estonia and Brazil. Amidst this impressive lineup stood the University of Patras, whose team of eight young roboticists from the vibrant region of Patras, joined forces with Robots@UP to demonstrate their exceptional skills on an international stage. 

Their outstanding performance culminated in an impressive haul of 5 medals, underscoring not only their individual talents but also the strength of their collaborative effort. ThinkDigital Group is honored to have played a part in supporting these young innovators as they showcased their ingenuity and expertise. 

Through its support for events like the MRC Robotics Olympiad, ThinkDigital Group aims to inspire the next generation of innovators and leaders in the field of robotics through an annual series of courses. By providing platforms for young talents to showcase their skills, the company is paving the way for a world where technological innovation knows no bounds. 

As we celebrate the successes of the University of Patras team and all participants of the Olympiad, ThinkDigital Group remains committed to championing the spirit of innovation and empowerment. Together, let’s build a future where creativity, excellence and limitless possibilities reign supreme.