TDG supports GR.EC.A and their initiatives for Greek e-Commerce

During the unprecedented circumstances our industry is facing, our group of companies is actively supporting the initiatives of the Greek E-Commerce Association (GR.EC.A) and contributing to the reinforcement of Greek eCommerce. 

TDG companies are helping promote GR.EC.A.’s CSR campaign “Greek Moments. Greek E-Commerce”. The aim of the campaign is to raise consumer awareness around the huge efforts of people working in online stores during the pandemic. 

Our group of companies offers both our technology and human hours pro bono, so that the public gets acquainted with the hard work of the people behind online stores, through our network of collaborating publishers. 

TDG is also participating in GR.EC.A.’s training program. The most recent example being the presence of Project Agora, a TDG companyin GR.EC.A.’s webinar “Black Friday amidst COVID”. In this webinar, Nikos Komninos, Commercial Director Europe at Project Agora, shared practical tips for Black Friday campaigns based on this year’s data and adapted to the current, unique reality. 

With e-Commerce currently booming, we embrace GR.EC.A’s initiatives and their vision to educate and empower local players, supporting the Greek economy and contributing to its digital transformation.