TDG “Hot Cup” sessions are now back “Safely from our Home”

A live discussion around issues shaping the future of our business and our lives. 

Long before there was Clubhouse, “Hot Cup” was an essential part of TDG’s culture. “Hot Cup” sessions have been discussion sessions curated by invited guestscalled Baristas – to provide TDG people and partners with the opportunity to exercise their innate curiosity, learn something new, and get inspired.  

Now – due to social distancing – more than ever, holding our regular “Hot Cup” sessions highlights the importance of being together.  

On Thursday 4th of February 2021, TDG people had the opportunity to “Reach New Heights”. Our guest Barista, Mrs. Christina Flampouri, Alpinist & Motivational Speaker, the first Greek woman to Reach the Top of the “7 Summits”. Christina shared with Thinkers her personal story connecting her climbing experience with the day to day life on the ground and helped show us the way to keep reaching new peaks.  

Through a scenic tour spanning Mount Everest, Aconcagua, Mount Elbrus and the rest of the highest mountains in each of the seven continents, Cristina was able to convey her powerful message: how everyone can beat life’s odds and be their best self.  

Her passion style and authenticity helped Thinkers reflect on how we can develop a more resilient way to reach our goals, to set a bigger one step at a time and keep enjoying our life and business “travels”