TDG completed yearly promotions as part of its career progress initiatives

This season thus far has been a resounding success for everybody here at ThinkDigital Group (TDG) and our portfolio of companies. 

TDG’s success is very much about the personal growth and development of our people. For us, growth is expressed through deeper experience gained through our jobs, new responsibilities and jobs that teach us new skills, and re-skilling to be ready for whatever is relevant to the challenges that our journeys put before us. Our staff choose to move between departments and roles everyday, in order to broaden their horizons and build their professional value. We believe it is our job at TDG to enable professional value. Either as experts in their fields or as professionals with a broad view of multiple business disciplines our people continue to grow themselves and their careers. We maintain that people remain our strongest asset and their personal development our top priority.  

As we reflect and look back at our Performance Dialogues in 2022, we are immensely proud to announce that 60 Thinkers, through hard work, grit, and determination, have been the recipients of promotions. This is just the beginning and a reward for them to continue to develop and build upon their careers to enable them to progress further still here at TDG. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we look forward to each and every single one of our Thinkers continuing to progress and advance up and across the ladder, and we wish them nothing but the greatest of success.  

The Performance Dialogue is designed to assist our employees in understanding what their objectives are for the following year, how they plan on developing, and how they plan on achieving their personal goals and aspirations and bringing them to fruition. This initiative is our way of effectively collecting ideas and engaging with our people, assisting with work-related activities, services, and tips to enhance the way we operate, and build upon our success as a business. We keep a great place for curious people to learn, grow professionally and celebrate meritocracy. We want greatness, and our Performance Dialogue helps get us that one step closer. 

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