Project Agora Commerce – Bayer collab awarded

Bayer’s commitment to innovation and the value of a new promotional channel, e-Retail Media, was highlighted with company’s win in Marketing Week’s Best in Pharmacy Awards 2020 in Greece for their work with Project Agora, a TDG company.

Bayer’s Marketing team received the Bronze award in the category Best Promotional Activity within a Pharmacy Store” for the effective promotion of brands Bepanthol and Priorin within e-pharmacies in Project Agora Commerce’s Health & Beauty Retail Media network. 

Campaign results were extremely positive, greatly exceeding initial targets. More specifically, average conversion rate reached 12.58% (against target of 3.5%) and average ROAS 554% (against target of 200%). Bayer’s team had the opportunity not only to directly monitor the KPIs through an Online Dashboard, but also to adjust targeting under the guidance of Project Agora’s team of experts. 

The award was handed to Lila Prapidi, Bayer Hellas Digital Manager, who had to say: “Being awarded for this innovative promotional activity within e-pharmacies ian honor for us and gives us motivation to continue applying best practices and invest in innovation both in our products and in marketing tools and consumer education. We believe that this new media solution, Project Agora Commerce, brings all the elements required for e-Retail Media development within our industry and makes our investment yield profits. 

Panos Kapros, Project Agora Commerce Product Manageralso commented: “We are extremely happy to be helping Bayer achieve their targets and thrilled with this promotional activity’s results. On our part, we commit to continue developing Project Agora Commerce with the aim to highlight the value of Retail Media and improve efficiency for our partners”. 

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