Project Agora, a TDG company, Again in FT’s 1,000 List of Fastest Growing Companies

We are honored to announce that Project Agora,  the Media Owner SaaS technology company of our Group, has been named one of Europe’s 1,000 fastest growing companies by the Financial Times. This marks the second consecutive year that Project Agora has made it to the prestigious list. The list ranks the top 1,000 European companies that achieved the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2018 and 2021. The FT list is produced in collaboration with research firm Statista, a leading provider of market and consumer data.

The 7th annual FT1000 list places Project Agora at position 689 across all European companies – and 34th in the Advertising & Marketing category. The inclusion in the FT1000 list for a second year in a row highlights the company’s commitment to support Media Owners in creating high value content and services.

With an absolute growth of 226,1% – Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 48.3%– and a team that has more than doubled in four years, Project Agora has continued to demonstrate its ability to drive growth in a highly technological and competitive market.

“We are especially proud of this FT1000 recognition, for the second year running, because it is a testament of our unwavering commitment to grow alongside our Media Owner partners. From advanced real-time analytics and audience insights to state-of-the-art ad-tech solutions, Project Agora delivers a comprehensive suite of resources designed to help Media Owners stay ahead of the curve. All made possible through the hard work and dedication of our amazing team,” said Nikos Komninos, Managing Director of Project Agora.

Project Agora launched in 2016 with a vision to “Build for the Open Web”. The company empowers Media Owners with the Data, Technologies and Resources they need to create high value content and services.

Based out of Athens, Greece, a university powered tech hub in Patras, Greece and offices in Bucharest, Budapest, Prague, Dubai, Bogota and Sao Paulo, the company operates in more than 35 markets, employs 147 professionals, and collaborates with more than 2,800 digital media owners in the rapidly growing global markets.