Big Data in Marketing and Commerce – To “Diktyo” docuseries interview of Odysseas Ntotsikas

ThinkDigital Group Founder and CEO, Odysseas Ntotsikas, participated in the docuseries “To Diktyo” (The Net) on the Greek National TV channel ERT2 to share his expertise and vision on Big Data in the Marketing and Commerce industries. 

During the show, Odysseas highlighted how “Big data is the new oil” and shared insights on how its usage in marketing has significantly changed the quality and speed of decision-making but also raised new ethical questions.

As a true optimist he made references to the history of innovation and made clear his belief that while technology has always been moving faster than the other disciplines, we have always had a catch-up game that we are going to see in this case as well. We need to make sure that any ethical and legal questions related to the use of data are finding the right balance between the common good and free will.

The show hosted a mix of academics, researchers and marketers discussing the rise of big data and their impact on how we think, work and live. 

You can watch the full episode in the following video (episode 10):