Mental-health matters in TDG

How Thinkers enjoyed Summer Days with our Heart Long Weekends 

At ThinkDigital Group, we help our people stay well-rested and mentally healthy by offering opportunities to unplug from work and combat burnout. Before getting back to autumn and our new challenges, we wanted to ensure that Thinkers would be able to enjoy their summer, taking time off to recharge and spend time with their loved ones. 

“Heart Long Weekend” is a paid day-off, either Friday or Monday, to unwind and relax. This TDG initiative has become a tradition that recognizes our team members’ dedication to the company. 

Last summer extra time off was much-needed more than ever, especially due to the impact of the pandemic on our work life. Therefore, we decided to offer to all Thinkers three Heart Long Weekends, one per month. 

So, how did Thinkers enjoy their Summer Heart Long Weekends? We asked some of them and here’s how they spent their time off:

Elena Bouka (she/her), Sales at TailWind
“As a new member of the TDG family, I was more than surprised to find out that I am going to have some extra days off for summer getaways- It goes without saying that all my friends are jealous of this. After a rough year in lockdown, short escapes were what I have appreciated and missed the most. As I always say: the joy of discovery is one of the most important things in life and that’s how I managed to spend my heart long weekends 😊. Each weekend I tried to do something new and visit a different place. So, I had the chance to spend my birthday in Serifos, visit a winery for wine tasting and explore new almost unreal beaches, enjoy breathtaking sunsets in Hydra and spend some “me-time” reading books. Last but not least, I enjoyed some quality time with my beloved ones at my holiday home. Remember that between goals and priorities, there is a life that needs to be lived and enjoyed, and TDG really cares about that. Heart long weekends are the biggest step in this direction. Cheers to the next ones.”

Marina Georgakila (she/her), CRO at ForestView
“Empty sandy beaches, marble villages and the most friendly and warm-hearted people ever. Let me introduce Tinos! Tinos is one of the most beautiful Greek islands and I definitely enjoyed my Summer Heart Long Weekend exploring this amazing place. It’s the fourth biggest island of the Cyclades and is a mix of beach bars, secluded beaches, wonderful taverns, picturesque villages and incredible monasteries. We found so many amazing and interesting spots. Some of my favourites were the sheltered streets, steps at the beautiful Pyrgos village and the gigantic granite rocks at Volax village that according to Greek mythology are the remnants of a mythical battle that took place between gods and giants. And of course, Apigania beach which is a bit of a secret place that only locals know about. At TDG we’re encouraged to enjoy life outside the business working environment. To me, this Summer Heart Long Weekend meant an opportunity to explore this wonderful and authentic island by being a local hero!”

Klery Kourouvani (she/her), Marketing at Project Agora
“I spent my June Heart Long Weekend in Serifos, Greece. This long-anticipated break was my first getaway after the lockdown. There was no better way to unplug and start my summer than spending 4 days by the beach at a peaceful house. With initiatives like the Heart Long Weekends, which offer work-life balance, TDG really makes a difference and makes us all feel lucky to be working in this unique environment.”

Spyros Lolos (he/him), Advertiser Success at Project Agora
“TDG Heart Long Weekends are a great way to take a short break from our duties, recharge, enjoy summer and travel. So, this year, I combined the long weekend and the work-from-home situation and visited Paxoi island for a few days. I had the chance to rest and swim in the crystal-clear waters. (Isn’t it really a rewarding view?)”

Diana Nitu (she/her), Client Service at Project Agora
“In my Heart Long Weekends, I like to visit local places or neighbouring cities of Romania. That is what I did. A resort on the Black Sea and a vibrant exploration program for three days had their special place this time. A combination of tastes. A city break with over 25K steps a day, a lot of history and landscapes that leave you speechless. I am totally in love with such escapades. This can recharge my batteries with the best energy ever and get me ready for what my day at Project Agora has in store for me!”

Stefanos Spyropoulos (he/him), Digital Media at ForestView
“Everyone enjoys summer. From sitting outside in the sunshine to the long, bright evenings – things just seem more exciting. After the stressful eight-month period of the COVID-19 quarantine, a semblance of normality is starting to return. Thus, the Heart Long Weekends are a preparation for the summer and the short getaways are the main way to escape from the work-from-home everyday life, staying away from laptops and unplugging yourself away from the office. My escape took place in June on the island of Ithaca, which is located in the Ionian islands, very close to Kefalonia and south of Lefkada. I had three pleasant and relaxing days off, exploring the deep blue waters & the beaches of the island.”

Elena Tompra (she/her), People Operations at ThinkDigital Group
“I used my first Heart Long Weekend of the Summer to visit Hydra, a famous Greek island for its picturesque streets, the intimate atmosphere and its source of inspiration to many artists. I walked its streets, where the element of stone, the cobbled alley and the unique architecture compose a glamorous ambience. Spending time exploring the island’s treasures from swimming to cultural attractions empowered me to keep my discovery mood alive. One of the most beautiful moments on the island was the sunset from Hydronetta beach. Although the sky was very cloudy, the sunset was still amazing. TDG has been so wonderful to us and our happiness at work.”

The health and wellbeing of our people is a priority for us. At TDG, we value the positive impact on the work environment by supporting our teammates to live the best of their life outside the office. 

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