Embracing Empathy: How HumAIn Leads the Way in Innovation

TDG kicked off 2024 with “Thinkers gathering at its Annual Strategy Event 

TDG’s annual strategy event commenced with the theme ‘HumAIn: Empathy Driven Innovation’, bringing together employees from across the globe in the vibrant city of Athens, Greece, for an enriching and dynamic experience. 

Over two engaging days, TDG “Thinkers” engaged in visionary talks, educational workshops, and enjoyable team-building activities carefully curated to ignite inspiration, foster motivation, and cultivate empathy towards the future of AI. With a deliberate focus on human empathy and the innovative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the event provided an exceptional platform to exchange insights, explore novel initiatives, and celebrate. 

“Contrary to the doomsday scenarios depicted in science fiction, AI is not a threat but rather a catalyst for tremendous opportunity when coupled with human empathy,” remarked Odysseas Ntotsikas, Founder & CEO of TDG companies. “It is through this symbiotic fusion that we can unleash the potential for more efficient, scalable, and data-driven solutions that benefit both businesses and individuals.” 

Special appreciation is extended to Elisabeth Calbari, Corporate Neuroscientist Psychologist, and Yorgos Panzaris, CTO at Convert Group, for their invaluable contributions in igniting ideas and fostering meaningful discussions. 

As TDG charts its course for the upcoming year, it is evident that the fusion of AI and Human Empathy will underpin the company’s success. The 2024 strategy event embodies a renewed spirit of innovation and collaboration, laying the groundwork for a future where AI and human capabilities coexist harmoniously, leveraging our innate strengths. 

We invite you to join us and become a part of this journey; our companies are actively seeking new talents!