Project Agora Commerce – Bayer collab awarded

Bayer’s commitment to innovation and the value of a new promotional channel, e-Retail Media, was highlighted with company’s win in Marketing Week’s Best in Pharmacy Awards 2020 in Greece for their work with Project Agora, a TDG company.

Bayer’s Marketing team received the Bronze award in the category Best Promotional Activity within a Pharmacy Store” for the effective promotion of brands Bepanthol and Priorin within e-pharmacies in Project Agora Commerce’s Health & Beauty Retail Media network. 

Campaign results were extremely positive, greatly exceeding initial targets. More specifically, average conversion rate reached 12.58% (against target of 3.5%) and average ROAS 554% (against target of 200%). Bayer’s team had the opportunity not only to directly monitor the KPIs through an Online Dashboard, but also to adjust targeting under the guidance of Project Agora’s team of experts. 

The award was handed to Lila Prapidi, Bayer Hellas Digital Manager, who had to say: “Being awarded for this innovative promotional activity within e-pharmacies ian honor for us and gives us motivation to continue applying best practices and invest in innovation both in our products and in marketing tools and consumer education. We believe that this new media solution, Project Agora Commerce, brings all the elements required for e-Retail Media development within our industry and makes our investment yield profits. 

Panos Kapros, Project Agora Commerce Product Manageralso commented: “We are extremely happy to be helping Bayer achieve their targets and thrilled with this promotional activity’s results. On our part, we commit to continue developing Project Agora Commerce with the aim to highlight the value of Retail Media and improve efficiency for our partners”. 

Reach out to the Project Agora team to learn how you can meet and exceed your e-commerce goals too.

TailWind – GWI announce exclusive partnership

TailWind EMEA, a TDG company & GlobalWebIndex have announced their exclusive reselling partnership in Southeastern Europe, Middle East & North Africa, combining Tailwind’s service excellence and in-depth knowledge of the local markets with GlobalWebIndex’s world- class audience research capabilities.

With meaningful consumer insights playing an increasingly critical role in today’s business decisions, marketing leaders recognize the need for access to the most accurate, insightful and up-to-date data to form their strategies and ensure they remain competitive. The Tailwind EMEA – GlobalWebIndex (GWI) partnership brings together deep understanding of local markets and business KPIs driving businesses forward and rich, consumer data from the largest syndicated survey running 46 markets to empower CMOs understand their target audiences and make data-backed up decisions.

At the core of the solutions for marketers are: Audience Profiling & Segmentation, Media Planning & Buying, Brand Tracking, Audience Validation, Insights & Trends Analysis, Market & Verticals deep-downs and Flexible & Powerful Custom Research.

“Bringing TailWind EMEA on board is an instrumental step in allowing GlobalWebIndex to continue making strides in market expansion”, says Tom Smith, Founder and CEO of GlobalWebIndex. “We believe in the value of harnessing a deep understanding of niche audiences anywhere in the world to inform targeted campaigns, and our partners enable our clients to do this with local access and expertise.”

Eva Christopoulou, Managing Director of TailWind EMEA said: GlobalWebIndex has a technology-first approach and the freshest data from quarterly surveys running in 46 markets; managing to deliver not just deep, unified data, but powerful and actionable insights in an intuitive, simple way for their users! We are excited to be delivering this unique offering to local marketers and enable them to demystify their target audiences, spot the trends early on and inform the decision to help them grow their business.”

How should brands change their advertising habits amidst COVID-19?

Union Media —the Joint Venture of five leading regional video advertising companies in EMEA, including Project Agora, a TDG company— has just published the results of its new tracking study: Brand Suitability and the Power of Context at a time of a Crisis.

The research took place from mid-April to early May, when consumers where still in or just exiting lockdown and covers 10 key EMEA markets: France, GCC (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar), Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

It is the first time that diverse markets have been examined comparatively in order to discern local idiosyncrasies in consumer attitudes towards advertising during a crisis. The study addresses critical questions for marketers and media planners such as consumers’ expectations from brands during the pandemic, as well as acceptance levels of ad adjacency next to COVID-related content across industry verticals such as Food and Beverage, Telcos, Banking/Insurance, Government, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Fashion and Beauty.

Odysseas Ntotsikas, Managing Director of TDG and Union’s Board Member, said: “Understanding critical differences between countries, while working with local players that have in-depth knowledge, so as to apply these insights into communication strategy, should be a cornerstone of the solution. Now more than ever, local context matters.”

The full research can be downloaded here.

TDG at Marketing Week’s Thought Leadership Session

TDG’s Founder & Managing Director, Odysseas Ntotsikas, will be sharing his thoughts on “Advertising in (a) Crisis” in MarketingWeek’s virtual Thought Leadership Session on Thursday 30/04.
Marketing Week is one of the top marketing and advertising publications in Greece, covering the industry’s interests with successful conferences and now also virtual sessions.

Join the session here.

TailWind presents Covid-19 consumer patterns webinar

TailWind EMEA, a TDG company, is working with its partner GlobalWebIndex to help CMOs across MENA and European markets uncover revealing patterns on consumer behaviors.
To learn more about Covid-19’s effect on media consumption and how brands can reach their audiences during these times, watch the webinar.

Project Agora, a TDG company, expands its Brand Safety & Suitability offering

Project Agora, a TDG company, wasn’t shy this week in encouraging brands to avoid social distancing and be vocal. Project Agora expands its Brand Safety & Suitability offering to provide brands with options to advertise confidently amidst the COVID-19 outbreak

Project Agora is launching a COVID-19 specific targeting feature that allows brands to choose if and under what conditions their ad will show within related news content.

The solution, part of Project Agora’s Brand Safety and Suitability offering, assesses the content of every page of the publishers Project Agora works with, on a real time basis and -subject to specific keyword requirements agreed with the advertiser- decides if the context is suitable for the ad to appear in or not.

The targeting feature is already available in Project Agora’s Display, Video and Native Advertising inventory across screens, in the European and MEA markets Project Agora operates in. Major brands, so far cautious with their brand adjacency to such content, can confidently advertise again, now that there’s exponential content consumption uplift in Project Agora’s premium local publishers.

Project Agora’s stance is that: “Social distancing shouldn’t be an issue for brands. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 it is more important than ever to ensure our clients’ advertising appears alongside content that is right. We’re here to protect our clients’ brands -and their investment- from any unnecessary risk. Their ads will serve only in web pages that meet all the specific parameters set.”

Learn more and confidently start your campaign today.

Project Agora, a TDG company, supports public safety campaign in Greece

Project Agora, a TDG company, with a strong sense of local social responsibility, is offering pro bono its technology, expertise and media inventory to support the Greek government’s Public Safety campaign “We stay home” and help build reach, awareness and enhance public knowledge.
Let’s all stay home safe, healthy and informed until we are together again.

TDG in our “New Frontiers” annual kick-off event

The group presented its strategy plan at the annual kick-off event

This year’s annual ThinkDigital Group (TDG) strategic kick-off event was held in the city of Nafplion in Greece, under the overarching theme “New Frontiers”. The theme showcases TDG’s continuing mission for innovation at the intersection of Marketing and Commerce, as well as for investment in employees’ continuing professional development.

More than 160 professionals of the 4 TDG companies (Project Agora, TailWind, Forestview and ThinkDigital) participated in the kick-off event. Coming from 11 different offices spanning from Copenhagen to Dubai, actively represented TDG’s cultural diversity.

According to Odysseas Ntotsikas, TDG’s Managing Director, who opened the event presenting 2019’s annual review and 2020’s strategic goals: “2019 was a defining year for the group’s geographical and product development at the intersection of Marketing and Commerce. To strengthen TDG’s mission, the Group’s recently adopted fast-growing model will combine organic growth of TDG companies with investment in third-party companies and talent acquisition. We entered the new decade with enthusiasm and dedication to exploring new market trends and interpreting them, always to the benefit of consumers and local players.” 

TDG companies’ Managing Directors also presented their 2019 reviews and 2020 plans. Employees had the opportunity to participate in sessions elaborating on the companies’ strategic plans and goals, as well as in interactive workshops to develop their skills and collaborative spirit. 

TDG has its annual mid-year offsite event

Far be it for the TDG team to be all work and no play!
Thinkers spent a “Day at the Beach”, the group’s annual mid-year offsite event, to recap H1 and align on new targets.
But it was not all business. The TDG team also played and chilled by the pool. Relaxed and refreshed they returned, ready to concur Q4 and close the year with a bang!

TDG supports UPGRADE 100 event in Bucharest

TDG supports UPGRADE 100, the leading Digital Transformation Festival in Central Eastern Europe.

The first edition of the UPGRADE 100 festival, the new concept of the former iCEE.fest, wrapped up successfully in June in Bucharest, with more than 3.500 guests from 20 countries and 200 speakers from major global enterprises attending.

TDG, one of the supporting partners of the event, participated with a delegation of 40+ people including, professionals from its four companies, key clients and partners. TDG’s keynotes covered topics on digital transformation, monetization models for publishers and new ways for advertisers to approach brand performance.

During the event, ThinkDigital, the Sales House unit of TDG, launched its new visual brand identity and a new market positioning adapted to the online ecosystem’s evolution.