Digital Thinkers

Internship Program

Athens and Patras Offices

ThinkDigitalGroup (TDG), one of the leading Digital Marketing Groups in CE, SE Europe & MENA, is now ready to welcome its 4th generation of Digital Thinkers! It is an innovative and uniquely challenging program of paid internship, which was firstly initiated in the Group in 2012 and has offered the opportunity to 28 young professionals up until today, to develop their skills & abilities in digital marketing & communication and make their first successful career step in the digital industry. Digital Thinkers will join our TDG teams at our Group’s offices in Athens & Patras. This exciting opportunity to be part of the TDG Digital Thinkers program is offered to young professionals & recent university graduates & post graduates. Applications must be submitted no later than Friday, 26 August 2016. Selected candidates will be offered the opportunity to excel in the Digital Marketing industry, be trained from experienced TDG professionals, develop valuable knowledge & capabilities and at the same time, challenge a permanent job opportunity in the Group after the completion of their internship. The new generation of Digital Thinkers is kicking off in October 2016!!

One day in the life of Digital Thinkers!

Digital Thinkers are trained from experienced TDG professionals and work under the guidance of a TDG senior «mentor». Trainee interns have a regular daily relation & communication with Media Agencies, Direct Clients as well as Publishers, while, among others, will deep dive into the management & optimization of online campaigns and develop the necessary knowledge skills in Project Management, Product and Trade Marketing.

What are the responsibilities of a Digital Thinker?

Selected Digital Thinkers for our Athen’s offices will, based on their skills & experience, be part of the Sales or Product Development teams within one of the 3 TDG companies (ThinkDigital, ForestView & TailWind). Selected Digital Thinkers for our Patra’s offices will be part of our Group’s Engineering teams and will be involved among several other tasks:

  • In the planning & management of online campaigns
  • In the optimization of campaign performance

Prerequisites for applying to the Digital Thinkers program

Candidates for TDG’s Digital Τhinkers program will ideally have:

  • A Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Communication studies, Organizational Research or Computer Engineering. Master’s degree will be considered a strong plus
  • Good understanding of terms and terminology related to Digital Marketing / Digital Advertising
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office
  • Excellent communication in English both verbal and in writing
  • Be passionate users of Internet & Social Media
  • Strong will & enthusiasm to excel in the digital industry

Advantages from participating to the Digital Thinkers program

  • Will be part of one of the leading Digital Marketing Groups in CE & SE Europe & MENA
  • Will be exposed & trained to a wide spectrum of Digital Marketing knowledge, gaining & developing valuable knowledge & skills within a very short period of time
  • Will be offered the opportunity to learn from leading industry executives and work in a young, dynamic and exciting environment, actively supporting entrepreneurship and not hesitating to experiment and innovate
  • Will be offered the opportunity to achieve a permanent job offer within the Group, after completing the 6 month intern ship and based on the available group positions at the time

Here you can apply to the Digital Thinkers Program (until the 26th of August at the latest)